Are there any costs involved?

No. Your session and 5 images are complimentary. Some photographers may offer additional discounted options to purchase prints, products or your full gallery but no purchase is required. We simply want to gift you some images of your family. Photographers who offer additional options are asked to heavily discount any upgrades on behalf of the event.

Can I book more than one time?

No. You are only able to book one session with one photographer. It is important you choose a day and time you feel confident you can make. Many times our spots fill up and we have to turn people away. If you are caught booking with more than one photographer, your bookings may be cancelled and you may not be allowed to book this event in future.

What type of sessions qualify?

For this event, we are offering family or couples photography. Most photographers offer other types of sessions. If you are looking for another type of session such as maternity, newborns, extended family, or a specialized session, please ask your photographer of choice and they can give you a price quote.

How long will my session last?

Sessions are considered mini sessions and average 5-15 minutes. Each photographer will have their length set based on how long it takes to get the minimum 5 images they will deliver.

Can I bring my extended family?

No. This is for your immediate family only. Some photographers may offer extended family portraits at their usual session rates.

When are the sessions scheduled?

Each photographer will offer at least one date/location for their sessions. It is important to show up on time and prepared. (children fed/napped/etc.). Most photographers will not have the option to go later than the scheduled time or reschedule your time if you are late or something comes up.

What if I can’t make it?

Please only sign up if you feel sure you can make the date and time. Each photographer has limited spots and often has to turn away participants. If you become ill, please do your best to notify your photographer as early as possible so they may fill the spot.

What are your covid safety measures?

Please check with your photographer for specifics. Each photographer will do their best to maintain safety measures as deemed fit for the circumstances of your session. Please remember that if you are sick in any way, even just the sniffles, you must alert your photographer.

Restrictions Apply

Restrictions apply to these sessions. Photographers reserve the right to decline or cancel any booking. For example, if you are unkind, disrespectful to a photographer or found to have disregarded rules for these restrictions or if you arrive late or unprepared.

Qualifying for this event

This event is for police officers, firefighters, military or a first responder. If you aren't sure if you qualify, please contact us for assistance. If you are found to falsely represent your qualifications, you will be removed and banned from this event.

Are you a business or an organization?

No. DFW Portraits for Heroes is not a business offering photography sessions. We are not an organization. We are simply a group of photographers working together to do something nice. This is a yearly event sponsored by a group of photographers who work together to offer family mini sessions in memory of 9/11. If you are seeking services outside of this event we are only able to offer referrals based on your location and budget.

Do you have a question not listed?

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Have a question not listed?

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